Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cookie Monster loves nails

Happy Halloween everyone!

A late post because I've been shopping all day, with my three sisters and my fiancé. Good news is, I got a whole new set of Calvin Klein polishes also some Models Own and Sally Hansen polishes. I can't wait to blog about all of these!

Today I'm showing you some cookie monster nails. They are 3D! They have googly eyes and cookies on them :D 

I used blue nails because they are the exact colour I was looking for, however the Sally Hansen polish featured on an earlier post 'new polish and a mani/pedi' is an excellent colour for this design.

First I used black acrylic paint to create Cookie's mouth, purely because that takes the longest to dry! I then used nail glue and dotted it above his mouth and used a wax pencil to apply the googly eyes (HobbyCraft). When the paint was dry I used nail glue to stick on a 3D cookie (eBay) to two of the nails (one from each hand). The cookies were actually meant for a dolls house, there were around eight cookies in a jar, I prised the lid off the jar and use the cookies for various designs. I love using dolls house stuff for nail art and have all kinds of things, from food to beer mats! 

I love Cookie and I will definitely be creating more mani's with him as my inspiration! I hope you all Got Nailed this Halloween :)

Tara x 


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