Monday, 29 October 2012

I manicured a mummy for Halloween

Happy Monday!

Today my little sisters are staying at my house, and my big sister will be arriving tonight ready for my Halloween party! I'm glad there will be so many of us in the house, it might make it warmer........ 

Yesterday I was visiting my parents and gave my mum a lovely mani (my little sisters got one too). I am putting her manicure up step by step because as much as I love wearing nail enhancements and glueing stuff onto them, it is important to manicure your nails and treat them before you do all that to them :) 

First I shaped her nails, because they have grown quite a lot since I started doing her manicures.

 I then gave her a hand massage, using Think Pink hand cream from Next (I think this is her favourite part).

I then used a lovely all in one cuticle cream from Boots and massaged it in until her cuticles were soft. I then used a cuticle stick to gently remove them.

I used a cuticle oil I found on eBay (they come in all different fragrances) and massaged it into the skin around her nails.

I applied one coat of Avon nail experts as a base coat.

I then applied two coats of 'confusion' which is one of the new polishes I bought yesterday at ASDA. This is a gorgeous deep berry colour, not as bright as it appears in the picture. It looked like she had soaked her nails in blackberries! (And don't worry people I cleaned up the edges when it had dried!). I used Rimmel 60 second top coat to finish, it makes it really shiny and glossy. Don't forget to leave enough time in between each coat for the layers of polish to dry! Especially with a darker colour like this because imperfections really show up. I think after trying this polish again, I will definitely be buying some more, especially their molten metals range which I have none of yet :-(

My littlest, little sister (Xena) then had her manicure done the same way but she chose a different ASDA polish called love rat. It's a lovely orange, perfect for halloween! These polishes have lovely soft brushes which applies the polish quickly and smoothly, with no streak marks.

My biggest, little sister (Harley) also had her manicure done using the same method, she chose Sally Hansen - Dorian Grey (expensive taste that one, a £1 nail polish just wasn't an option for her!). It is a lovely polish to apply, it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. It is very, very shiny but I still applied the Rimmel topcoat to protect her mani from chips.

I'll see you all soon, have a lovely Monday and if that's not possible, at least you can Get Nailed ;)

Tara x 

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