Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nailed....by Calvin Klein

Evening all,

A late blog post today because my older sister is visiting me for Halloween. My little sisters are also staying, so it's been a bit of a manic day of shopping, cupcakes and buying new polishes (more on those on another post, when I have time to play!).

Today I want to show you a lovely Calvin Klein polish I recently got, called crushed rose.

This polish is really lovely and I will definately be buying more colours from the CK range. The brush is soft so it doesn't leave marks as you apply it. It is also nice and small so it's easy to use. The thing that impressed me the most about this polish is how super shiny it is, the next picture is the polish with NO topcoat. The colour applies well and you get a gorgeous, intense colour after two coats but you could get away with one if you wanted a lighter colour, or if you were applying effects polish over the top such as crackle or glitter.

Also I'm a sucker for packaging.......and this polish is in a gorgeous bottle. It's square with a black lid and looks lovely mixed in with my collection.

I hope you can see from these pictures how beautiful this polish is, definately worth trying out for yourself and I am looking forward to blogging about more of these polishes soon!

So why not buy your favourite colour from the CK range and Get Nailed....by Calvin Klein :)

Tara x

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