Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nearly Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Firstly I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has read my blog, posted comments and sent me messages on twitter/forums/email etc. It means so much that so many people are visiting me here :)

Well, it's nearly Halloween so in anticipation for having scary nails I have spent a couple of days with a classic French mani, which isn't something I usually wear, so it makes a nice change.       

So as it has been getting closer to Halloween and I need to have some scary nails for my party, I have been trying out some new designs (OK so I started in June, but that's quite close to Halloween.......). I have a huge storage box full of nails I have created and bought as well as nails laying out drying, or waiting to be put away, so I haven't found all my Halloween nails but I have got some to show you and I'm sure the other designs will make an appearance as and when I wear and can photograph them (scary nails are for life not just for Halloween). 

Frankenstein’s monster. These were created using acrylic paints and my old technique of no water. Although I have since found a better way to use acrylics, I love these and they are a big contender for my Halloween Mani! I couldn't find a fantastic 'zombie' colour polish at the time I did these (they all seemed to dark or luminous) so I sourced some lovely green coloured nails and painted my design onto them instead. I used jet-black acrylic paint and a nail art brush (you can just use an artists small paint brush) to paint the design on. 

There's something under your bed.  These nails are cute and simple, either use black nails or paint your nails black (I am going to try this Mani with matte black polish soon) then using a nail art pen, dotting tool, cocktail stick or anything else you can find, make two white dots and spread them out a bit so they are big enough to put a smaller black dot on top when the white has dried. Simple, but scary when you wake up in the middle of the night to five pairs of eyes looking up at you where you've fallen asleep on your hand...........

For one night only. This Mani really is designed to last for only one night! The confetti is larger than the nails, so while it give a lovely effect, it isn't very practical. It's been made using some Halloween confetti I found in Wilkinson’s and some strong superglue (which I did not spill and then subsequently glue three of my fingers together..........). Again, use black nails or paint your nails black, then spread a thin layer of superglue or nail glue onto the nail and place the confetti piece onto it. Use a cuticle/orangewood stick or similar to press it onto the nail, otherwise any glue that leaks around the edge will instantly bond your finger to your nail. I used ghosts, bats, pumpkins and witches for my nails. I left the pinky as plain black because the confetti was too large but you could use some glitter or paint on a design if you wanted to have every nail decorated. If you do this on natural nails, don't forget to soak the confetti off using acetone rather than pulling or peeling it off, or you will ruin your nails!

Scarily simple. These nails are Halloweeny, cute and simple! Just use black nails or paint your nails black, then use a gorgeous glittery orange polish and paint two coats over the top. These will go with any Halloween costume and can be worn in the lead up, and wind down to Halloween. They are certainly more suitable for work than the Frankenstein’s monster Mani!

Although today I am showing you Halloween nails, I feel like because of the weather I should be posting a more wintery blog, featuring nails such as these lovely snowmen, which were painted using acrylics. But I'll save my wintery nails (including Santa Mani’s!) for November.

Now I'm off to snuggle under a blanket with some hot chocolate. I hope you all stay warm and Get Nailed this weekend :)

Tara x 


  1. love them all! but the monster under the bed ones are my fave :) Loving the new blog look too x

  2. Hi thanks for twitter message. I'm checkin out your site. Cute nail art girl!
    Www. tropical


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