Thursday, 8 November 2012

Afternoon tea


I love afternoon tea, so I did what I do with everything I love, I put it on my nails :D

For this mani I used acrylic paint and small nail art brushes.

The thumbs have teapots, next is plates of biscuits, then cups of tea and last says 'tea' and 'time' I left the pinkies the lovely light pink.

To create the teapots, I painted on a large circle and squared off the bottom slightly, I then painted on a semi circle at the top and finished it off with a small dot on the top. The spout and handle of the teapot were the fiddliest parts, the handle was done by using a small amount of paint on the tip of the brush and drawing on a kind of semi circle, the top was pulled up a little higher and the bottom was pulled in close to the body of the teapot. The spout was a little easier, I started at the body of the teapot, painted a lineup from it and flicked it along at the top of the spout.

The plates of biscuits were easier, I used white acrylic paint to draw on a line, I then made it slightly thicker and pulled up the edges a little. For the biscuits I painted on three little brown blobs and pulled them out to make them slightly longer.

The cups were painted on  as a circle, the handle was created in the same way as the teapot handle but on a smaller scale. I then used a pale/pinky brown to paint in the tea and used black and grey for steam.

I then used the thin end of a dotting tool to write 'tea' on one nail and 'time on the other.

Don't forget to topcoat before you wear them!

No afternoon tea is complete without cakes (to be honest no afternoon is complete without cakes!).

To create these I used acrylic paints. I painted on light pink cake cases, I then used brown to draw on a thick line for the cake. When dry, I used a creamy white colour to blog on for icing, I topped it off with a red circle as the cherry.

I love strawberries with my afternoon tea, so I painted these nails. I used acrylic paint, a thin nail art brush and a cocktail stick.

I used red nails, painted on dark green tops (as though doing a French manicure) I then zigzagged the bottoms. I used a cocktail stick to draw on the tiny yellow pips.

To finish off afternoon tea we have delicious (but messy to create) banana split nails. For these I used silver nails, caulk (the bathroom sealant), fimo banana slices and a brown nail art pen.

First I used a cuticle/orangewood stick to spread caulk all over the nail as cream. I spread it on randomly, so some parts are thicker than others and some areas form peaks, this makes it look more like cream.

Once the caulk dried I used nail glue and tweezers to stick on the banana slices.

When dry I used a brown nail art pen to drizzle across the nail as chocolate sauce.

Topcoat to seal the mani and secure the banana.

Have afternoon tea and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. ooooh, these are fab! and your teapots look exactly like some I drew for one of my craft ranges, our teapot drawing skills must be in the genes, lol :o)


    1. Ah, thanks bruv! You'll have to show me your teapots! X

  2. Gorgeous tea nails - love the tea pots!


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