Thursday, 15 November 2012

All you need is your e.l.f (part 2)

Morning all!

Here's part two of the e.l.f polishes, if you missed the first part on Tuesday, click here :)

Nude is stunning. It works by itself, it's a pretty background for with nail art and decals and it'd look fab with gold glitter tips. So versatile and definitely a must have!

This polish is one of my favourites. It's called metal madness and is a very dark grey, with lots of colourful sparkle. As you move your hand in the light, you will see every colour of the rainbow!

Party purple is very aptly named, it's perfect for party nails! It's hard to capture the glitter so it is as impressive in the picture as it is in real life, but it is amazing! The glitter gives a brilliant coverage, no having to go over patches or streaky bits!

This shade is called dark navy. It is really, really dark so it looks black, but when the light hits it, you see the amazing blue. This colour would work perfectly on an accent nail with the nude.

This one is called chocolate. This is a perfect shade for gold stamping but it's also classically beautiful alone.

The last one for today is called blush. A pinky/goldy nude colour, it's subtle, shimmery and very pretty. Another good one for decals and fimo but I just can't wait to get some 3D bows on it!

Try for them for yourself, you won't be disappointed when you Get Nailed with an e.l.f!

Tara x


  1. love love love the nude and the navy, need those colours! It's great to see them all painted out like that, shows it much better than in the bottle x

    1. Beautiful aren't they, they look so lovely next to each other as well.
      Agree its better to see them out of the bottle, they look much better and you can see the sparkle and gloss!
      Part three (final part) of e.l.f polishes is coming soon so you'll be able to out all your faves on your Christmas list! X

  2. New packaging for ELF nailpolish ?
    In France i have different one ... strange ^^

    1. I think it's different because it's a set of mini polishes. The regular bottles are different and I think the same as in France :-)


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