Saturday, 24 November 2012

Alone is good, together is better

Morning! Happy weekend :-D

Today I've got pictures of three polishes. Alone they are all fantastic but I feel a colour combo mani coming on soon!

The first polish is a lovely Barbie/lipstick pink (shade 3). It's made by 2true and sold in Superdrug. They're 3 for £4.99 so you can afford to get all your favourites and use them alone, or mix and match for a more unusual mani. The bottle advertises that it has a 'new flat brush' and I have to say it is very easy to use.

The second polish is from the same range. It's shade 10 which is a lovely deep blue and would be a perfect contrast next to the pink. These polishes go on easily and you get a great coverage in one coat, though you can use two for a stronger colour.

The last polish for today is by George (at ASDA). This is one of the 19 (!) new polishes I mentioned/pictured on 'new polishes and a mani/pedi'. They were on sale for £1 each, though they are normally only about £1.99. 

This shade is called swoosh and is a lovely dark coral. I think this would go perfectly with the two 2true polishes above but looks just as beautiful alone. Perfect for the beach, even more perfect for cocktails on the beach ;)

Have fun with colour and Get Nailed :)

Tara x

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  1. It would be interesting to see Swoosh and the first 2 True polish swatched next to each other as they do look quite similiar? I agree re cocktails and beach!!

    1. They are quite similar but swoosh is much more orange than the 2true polish. I'll include them in another blog when I use them together :-)

  2. I'm quite impressed with the quality of those 2true polishes. I've seen them a few times but haven't paid them much attention, since cheaper polishes tend to need a million coats to make them opaque!

    1. I bought them because I loved the colours, but was all set to do 5 or 6 coats! I was so surprised when I got a fantastic colour in one coat and the second coat makes it even richer, really worth the money!


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