Friday, 30 November 2012

Cynthia Rowley colours


It's December tomorrow! Which means it's cold, grey and frosty outside. To counteract that I'm going to show you some VERY bright polishes by Cynthia Rowley.

These polishes are amazing. They apply really well, you get a fab colour in two coats (which is actually the colour you get in the bottle, not a pale representation of it!) and they dry extremely quickly. They dry matte so if you prefer a glossy, shiny finish you will need a good top coat. The polishes are unnamed but the colours are very distinctive so you will easily find them!

This polish is a bright pinky purple. The colour is very close to the wrapper of raspberry M&M's.

This is after two coats and the colour is so rich.

This green is fab, it's very bright after two coats but after one coat, it's the colour of tennis balls.

This colour would work so well as the background to bright, floral nail art.

This blue is now one of my favourite polishes. It's so bright but so rich, it reminds me of smurfs......

You can see that the colour you get in the bottle, is the colour that you actually get on your nails. It doesn't give a paler or sheerer finish, you get the beautiful solid colour you see in the bottle.

When I want to give this colour a glossier finish, I'll use a silver glitter polish. I think the glitter will look fab against this colour.

After I tried these polishes out, I tried them all together. This picture shows the mani after one coat of colour.

This picture shows the result after two coats of colour, no topcoat. This mani makes me think of Willy Wonka! I like the matte effect, so I'm not topcoating this mani, but I will recreate it and give it a glossy finish next time.

Get bright on gloomy days and Get Nailed :)

Tara x

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  1. Have you mentioned raspberry M&Ms as a shout out to your American readers? x

    1. Yes! America is where my second largest amount of readers are! (and where I buy the largest amount of my confectionary from ;) aha)That and I'm obsessed with M&M's so the only thing I could think of to liken the polish to was an M&M wrapper..... :-/ hahaha x


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