Friday, 23 November 2012

Franken polish

Afternoon :) I was nearly in a car crash yesterday after a sheep ran in front of the car?! Luckily my fiancé swerved and missed it and all was okay. I had a nice lay in today to counteract how fast my heart was racing after though, hence the late post.

Sometimes it's fun to create something from scratch (scratch....nails......get it? hahahahahaha! If you think that's bad you should have heard my Christmas jokes the other day :D). So anyway, I've ordered lots of supplies to make my own polish (called frankening). However I got impatient....... so I used some stuff I have to create some polish. It's not perfect but I'm proud of it and think it looks quite pretty.

For this blue polish I used; acrylic spray, blue glitter, white glitter and silver flowers from a decoration wheel. 

I mixed it all together and kept adding ingredients until it was the right consistency.

This shows one coat of the franken polish.

 This is with two coats.

Here's a close up. It needs more of the silver flowers, but for a first try of creating something I don't think it's too shabby!

For the next franken polish I used; acrylic liquid, pink acrylic powder, pink glitter and pink hearts and stars from a decoration wheel.

Again I mixed everything together until it was thick enough to stick to the nail but not to thick to spread.

I think this one also needs more of the 3D decorations, or maybe some chunkier glitter.

This shows the franken polish after one coat.

 This is the polish after two coats.

When I've got my proper supplies and have created more polishes, you'll be the first to see them.

Get Nailed in a more creative way ;)

Tara x

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