Monday, 12 November 2012

Homemade decals

Morning, I hope you all had a fab weekend :) I had a great time making my own decals!

I have been trying so many different ways to get my photos onto my nails. All the step-by-step's I had been pointed towards failed, or came out faint. Then I found decal paper! I used the decal paper and hycote acrylic spray to create them. It's easier than I anticipated!

First choose the image you want on your nails, use Word or similar to copy the picture to. Size the picture so it is small enough to fit on your thumb nails. Copy and paste it another nine times. Keep the original image and one of the copied images the same size. Make the other images progressively smaller in twos, so they fit on your other nails. Print them off on normal paper first, in case they're too big/small or not aligned properly etc (decal paper isn't cheap!).

When you have the images the right sizes and printed onto decal paper, spray the paper with the acrylic spray from a short distance (exact instructions will be on the can of spray, each brand may need to be used differently). When dry (again check the can for drying times) spray another layer on he paper and leave to dry.

When the second layer of acrylic spray is dry, cut out the decals. Trim to fit the nail and either peel or soak off the backing paper. I soaked it off, as I think it makes the decal more pliable and easier to apply to the nail.

Apply clear nail polish to the nail, lay the decal onto the nail, use an orangewood stick to press it on. When dry, seal with topcoat.

To try it out and make sure I could do it, I used a picture of my fiance. It did work so I turned the transfers into a full mani :D

This is a VERY close, close up of the transfer, so it looks a bit blurry but the actual transfer isn't.

 I sealed them with Rimmel 60 second topcoat, because it's super shiny and long lasting.

I used the decals on four nails. I also used some diamante hearts and pink hearts from a decoration wheel on another four nails.

I used two coats of a pink glitter polish by W7 on the other nails.

A topcoat to secure it all (again Rimmel 60 second topcoat) and I have homemade decal nails, now I can put whatever I want on my nails!

Make your own decals and Get Nailed!

Tara x

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