Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Homer got nailed

Morning :)

I love The Simpsons, so I had to try and paint one of the characters on my nails. For this Homer mani, I used yellow nails and acrylic paint.

First I used a dotting tool to paint on the whites of the eyes. When they dried I dotted in the pupils and drew on a circle for the nose. I also drew on two slightly curved lines for his hair, all in black paint.

I let all of that dry, used brown to paint on his beard, and once dry I used black acrylic paint and the thin end of a dotting tool to draw on his mouth.

Some topcoat will seal the design and stop it scratching off.

I'm still working out how to get all of Marge's hair on my nails!

Doh!-n't forget to Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. Woah, these are really cool! I'd love to see Marge Simpson ones!!!


    1. Thanks Lucinda :-) if I do Marge ones, I'll definitely post them! P.s love your blog :-)


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