Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nailaholic is also spendaholic

Morning all,

I've just waved my big sister off, she's travelling back to Essex today. So you get an early post!

Today I want to show you all the gorgeous new polishes and the book I bought yesterday. I found the Wah nails book of nail art in WH Smiths, when I was buying four copies of Glamour magazine! This issue has a Nails Inc giveaway in four colours, no way could I just choose one! The colours to choose from are; glamour glitter, Motcomb Street, Elizabeth Street and St James.

The gorgeous dark blue is Motcomb Street, the light pink is Elizabeth Street, the glitzy gold is glamour glitter and the bright red is St James. I love Nails Inc polishes and to get them free with Glamour is a fab deal! I ope you all get your favourite (or favourites) before they sell out.

I then hit TK MAXX and found some great deals. I got a whole set of Calvin klein polishes, which I've fallen in love with after using one the other day. They were reduced from £58.99 to £14.99!

From top to bottom we have; clear, hint of pink, bombshell, opus,whisper and ebony hates chris - black.

Also in TK MAXX I found some Models Own polishes.

The nude coloured one is called peach puff and the blue is called true blue.

I also found a Sally Hansen polish called chocolate.

After that I made a trip to Superdrug and my little sister offered to get me a basket, big mistake as I could then buy more than just what fitted in my hands! I ended up spending a fortune rather than buying the one polish I went in for......

These Barry M polishes are lovely, I would buy the entire range if my fiancé would let me. The gorgeous blue at the top is one of Barry M's magnetic range called (unsurprisingly) magnetic blue, then we have a 'croc nail effects' which is the one I went in to look for, it is unnamed but is jet black and colour number 323, next we have pink iridescent, which is a VERY sparkly pink, I have included a picture below to show it off better as the sparkles really do catch the light (if anyone uses Snowfairy from Lush, this is like the polish equivalent). Next we have mint green which is part of the pastels range, then I bought two more from the Gelly range; pomegranate and blueberry. They give such a lovely shiny finish and I can't wait until I have all the colours.

This is a better picture of the pink iridescent by Barry M.

These next polishes by 2True are lovely and really good value, 3 for £4.99. I chose shade 10, a navy blue. Shade 3, an orangey, neon pink and Shade 1 a Barbie/lipstick pink. I can't wait to try these as they have a 'new flat brush', I'll review them as soon as I have tried them out.

So this is my haul from yesterday, I can't wait to try out the nail art from my new book, using my new polishes! Many posts about all these soon!

Don't forget to buy Glamour magazine and Get Nailed!

Tara x


  1. Your blogs are always so interesting and informative

  2. Love this blog so fun and full of pretty pics! Lol

  3. Wow that was a good haul! Baskets are always dangerous!

    1. Especially when the baskets are so big and nail polish is so small!

  4. great post! and some great bargains, I didn't see them all on the day :)


    1. Thanks! I got most of them in Superdrug when you were outside with Shaun and Xena. x

  5. Totally off to TK Maxx tomorrow also!!!

    1. It's definitely one of my favourite places to get polish! If I didn't already have so many bags of shopping I would have got more! :


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