Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nails Inc part 1

Happy Saturday! :D

I mentioned in a previous post that I am a big fan of Nails Inc polishes and bought loads at TK Maxx, so I want to show you the nails I did using them. 

These polishes go on really well, it's recommended you use two coats, but they look fab after one, they are extra shiny and last well.

This shade is Northumberland Avenue. It's a khaki/pistachio green. It's perfect for Autumn (Gold and bronze leaf stamping over this would be fab).

This colour is St Marks Square. It's a very glittery pink (think dance scene outfits in Romy and Michelle's high school reunion).

This bronze/brown polish is called Boltons Place. This polish would work well as an Autumn mani with Northumberland Avenue, as an accent nail or to use for stamping over the top.

This gorgeous blue is called Sheraton Street and is the perfect canvass for cream, white or silver nail art.

The last shade is called Fitztrovia. It's a light pink but when it catches the light there's tiny flecks of other colours reflecting off of the glitter.

It's well worth adding some Nails Inc to your collection, and well worth Getting Nailed :)

Tara x

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