Friday, 9 November 2012

Paint the town red!

Morning :)

Today I'm so cold, I'm going to show you nails painted in a warm colour! These are the red polishes I've recently tried out.

Pomegranate is a Gelly polish by Barry M. I love Barry M stuff and when I saw their Gelly polishes I had to have some. This colour is a gorgeous deep, bright red and so shiny (the picture shows the nails with no topcoat), it really stands out. I applied two coats but you get a great, strong colour with one.

Bombshell by Calvin Klein. This polish came in a set of CK polishes I got, it's a gorgeous bright red and bombshell is definitely a good name for it (I know all 'Smash' viewers will agree). The first coat went on a bit watery and sheer, but as you can see the second coat gives excellent results.

Shock is by George (at ASDA). It's like Christmas in a bottle! It's deep red, shimmery and glam! If Santa is watching me to see if I'm being good, he will be very impressed by my mani! This would be the perfect background for some gold and green christmas nail art, some silver or gold stamping or with some gold glitter.

St James, by Nails Inc. This polish is a very bright red, extremely shiny and suits everyone. It would be great for some stamping (I'm thinking white background, red lips, or some hearts for valentines day!). If you don't have much time, you could get away with one coat, but I have used two. This is such a great classic polish, you should definitely have a bottle or two ;) Glamour magazine have it as a free gift with their December issue which is only £2, BARGAIN!

Paint the town red and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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