Sunday, 4 November 2012

Random manis

Hi! I hope you're all having a great Sunday :)

This morning I've been sorting through old photos and the box of nails I have designed, so I have lots to show you. 

The first set of photos shows part of my wallpaper collection. I sat for a whole evening, with a stack of nails and a box of nail art pens and just used my imagination. Some of these nails are inspired by wallpapers I have seen and some are wallpapers I would like.

These pink nails are one of my favourites. I used white and cream nail art pens to draw swirls and curved lines all over them.

The green ones are my 70's inspired wallpaper nails. I used a brown nail art pen to draw on big swirls, I then used an orange nail art pen to draw on medium circles, lastly I used a yellow pen to dot in the gaps.

The next pictures show my decoration wheel collection. Decoration wheels are amazing! you can get them from most nail art suppliers, on Amazon and on eBay. I got a pack of 20 wheels to add to my collection and decided to try out all the different things in them (in one night).

There's flowers, diamante shapes, fimo, pearls, bows and much more in these wheels, so you can create so many different looks. Use a good adhesive and two coats of topcoat to make sure it lasts well!

Next we have some colour combo manis. This is an easy way of having unusual nails. Pick your favourite polishes that look good together or match your outfit and just paint them on in a random pattern or a uniform pattern. To do these, I use anywhere between two and ten colours.

These nails have matte grey and matte black, then the red nail, a shiny, dark grey and the red again. The nails were already red, the matte colours are Avon and the shiny, dark grey is from a set I got at Christmas which has no brand on the bottle.

This is my other hand which is the same except I have used a metallic silver on the thumb instead of the matte grey. The silver is also in an unbranded bottle, but Barry M do a great one.

I created this look again with blues. The matte grey and the blue on the thumb are from Avon the others are (you guessed it!) unbranded.

I did this mani again for summer. The thumb and pinkie are polishes by Bourjois the others are again unbranded (this is turning into my pet hate, brand your bottles people!)

Next are some pic's of some fun mani's I've created.

First we have stranded at sea. These nails were designed with acrylic paints. First I painted on a blue, which was slightly darker than the nail for the sea. When dry I dabbed on some wavy lines in white to pick out the waves. When they were dry I blobbed on a dark yellow sun, and on alternate nails I painted tiny black 'V' shapes as birds.

Secondly we have  horse in a field. I used a green acrylic paint for grass. I then applied some horse decals/transfers (eBay). These are really easy to use, just press the transfer (design side down) onto the nail and hold a wet cotton pad on the back of it, for about 20-30 seconds, then just remove the backing. When they were dry I sealed with topcoat. Lastly I used a nail art pen to write 'neigh' on the pinkies, because there were no horse transfers small enough to fit. These nails have been likened to a bank logo but that wasn't the intention....!

These 'night in' nails are perfect for a Friday/Saturday night (I've seen all your Facebook statuses about staying in with takeaways to watch Xfactor!). For these nails I used tiny pizza slices (meant for a dolls house) and used strong nail glue to stick them on. I then used beer glass transfers on the next nail and sealed both with topcoat. When dry, I used a red nail art pen to write on 'pizza' 'beer' and 'night in'.

The fourth set are Minnie mouse nails (again). I used red and white nails, nail art pens, transfers and decoration wheels for this mani. The thumb and middle fingers have Minnie transfers, applied in the same way as the horses. The index and pinkie fingers have a black and red bow on them from a decoration wheel, I applied these with nail glue, tweezers and patience! My ring finger has white dots, which I did using a nail art pen. I finished the mani off with lashings of top coat and lots of excitement :D

Next we have FEATHERS! I love feathers, they come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. So you can always find the right ones to match, or fashionably clash with any outfit.

Use feathers that are already the right size for your nail, or trim them down before you start. I used white nails, applied base coat and then pressed on the feather (this is easier if you wet the fingertip you are using to press the feather on. I totally dipped my finger in water and DID NOT lick it.......honest!). Once the base coat has dried and the feather is stuck into it, apply two layers of top coat to seal. Use nail scissors to trim off any overhang if you want the feathers to fit perfectly.

Last pictures for today! I wanted to show you Sally Hansen Dorian Grey, as I've had lot's of messages about it, after featuring it on another blog when I manicured my mum and sisters.

As you can see it comes in a gorgeous bottle, the lid has a rubber part on it, which really helps you open it after using hand cream.

The colour of this is gorgeous, you get a good colour after one coat which is slightly lighter (closer to the colour in the bottle) but these pictures show the colour after two coats. The brush gives good coverage (not to skinny) and is nice and soft so you get no bristle marks. I am definitely going to get more of these polishes!

I hope you all have a lovely, lazy Sunday :) just don't be too lazy to Get Nailed!

Tara x


  1. Fabulous :) I'm sure you used water for the feathers...just like I always dip my brushes in water when i need to shape the bristles back into a point, rather than just sticking it in my mouth...ahem.

    1. Thanks Sam :)

      Hahahaha, we are so hygienic ;)


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