Saturday, 3 November 2012

Six for Saturday

Happy weekend everyone!

To celebrate the weekend, I'm going to show you six designs I've created because the weekend is the perfect time to try them out!

First we have sunny day (wishful thinking!).

These nails were created with acrylic paint, I used it quite thickly and kind of blobbed it onto the nail and patted it into place to give a 3D (ish) effect.

I used blue nails but there are so many gorgeous blue polishes, that would work just as well. I then used a dark green to paint along the bottom edge of the nail to create grass. When it was dry I painted a brown, vertical line to make tree trunks, I tried to vary these by making some thicker, some leaning to one side etc. When the brown dried, I used bright green paint (on the edge of the brush bristles) to blob on top of the trunk, to make the leaves. I then used white and bright yellow paints, to create clouds and the sun on alternate nails.

I love these nails, I'm going to wear them when I next have a picnic (just have to get the weather on board!).

Secondly we have chicks.

These are so cheerful and so simple to create, great for Easter or Spring! I used yellow nails, but next time I might use glow in the dark yellow polish as my base..... I also used acrylic paints for these nails.
I used the larger end of a dotting tool to dot on the white parts of the eyes. You could also use a pin head, a cocktail stick, an orangewood stick or anything else you can make work. When dry, I used the thinner end of the dotting tool to do the chicks pupils. I used the thinner end again, to apply the orange of the beaks, just make a triangle-ish shape, by holding at one side and dragging across, dip slightly in the middle and then make it slightly thicker so it looks extra beaky :>

Third is little pigs (they make half of me want a bacon sandwich and the other half never want to eat bacon again!).

These are as simple as the ducks! I used pink nails, however if you look back at my post 'Nailaholic is also spendaholic' you will see that one of the polishes free with Glamour magazine, is the perfect shade of pink (Elizabeth Street). I used acrylic paint and my trusty dotting tool. I dotted on the whites using the thicker end, when dry I used the thinner end to dot in the pupils. The thick end of the dotting tool is perfect to dot on the pigs snout (just dot on and work out into an oval shape). When the snout dried, I used the smaller end of the dotting tool again, to dot on two small black dots as nostrils.

The fourth design (and last set of animals) is penguins!

For this design I used white nails (it's very hard to find such a pure, non streaky white polish and I didn't have one at the time). I also used acrylic paints for this mani. First I applied the black paint as though I was doing a French manicure, I then used the thick end of a dotting tool to drag it down the sides. When that was dry I dotted on the eyes, exactly the same as with the chicks and pigs (make sure you leave the whites to dry before you use the black paint!) I then used the thin end of the dotting tool (where would I be without my dotting tool!) to make a little beak, I used the same technique I did with the chicks but made them slightly smaller. I then dotted on the feet, moving the dotting tool slightly so they were a little bit larger than the dot it makes. 

My fifth design is FAB :) 

These were created using white nails (for the same reason as the penguins) and my acrylic paints (I had just got them and was VERY excited to use them!).

First I painted the rounded edge of the nail a lovely, chocolatey brown. I also painted the square edge of the nail a deep red. When dry I used a cocktail stick to make little stripes on the brown colour (for the sugar strands). I used white, pink, green, yellow and orange. Don't forget to  paint on the brown and red colours so that they are slightly uneven where they meet the white (it makes it as realistic as it can possibly be to have ice lollies growing out of your fingers!).

Lastly we have a Minnie mani.

For these I used bright red nails, a white nail art pen and some tiny black bows. I placed the dots on the nail randomly rather than in a strict pattern, this makes it look more like Minnie's dress. When dry I painted on a clear top coat. I then used nail glue and dabbed a small amount on the nail. I used a wax pencil to pick up the bows and press onto the nail. I placed the bows in different places on the nails, so some are at the top, some are in the middle, some are at an angle etc. When the glue had dried I painted on another top coat to secure them.

So there's your six for Saturday, I hope you like them and Get Nailed over the weekend :)

Tara x 


  1. Some amazing designs. I LOVE the penguins - definitely going to be trying this!! :)


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