Friday, 16 November 2012

Sweet like chocolate


I've got the flu and have been up all night :-( the only thing that'll get me through today is coffee and chocolate, so I've done a whole post on chocolate coloured nails!

The first three polishes are all by George (at ASDA). I have featured this brand on past posts and really think these polishes are fab. They aren't expensive and I got these on sale for £1 each, so they're well worth trying out for yourself. They apply really well, no streaks and an excellent colour after two coats.

First we have werewolf. This looks like melted Galaxy chocolate!

Second is boomerang, perfect for Autumn and chocolate inspired nail art! It's a dark brown with lots of gold shimmer.

The last one from this range is called cackle. It's lighter than werewolf and makes me want Cadbury's dairy milk! I'm thinking this will be perfect for some kind of Easter nail art.....

This Sally Hansen polish is called chocolate. It's part of the hard as nails range so it's good for your nails as well as a lovely, rich colour after two coats. 

The last polish for today is called Opus, by Calvin Klein. This is a lovely dark, shimmery brown with reddish highlights, it makes me want Bournville.

Anyone else really want a bar of chocolate now? Get some chocolate and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. I love the werewolf colour! great selection of colours :) x

    1. I keep changing my mind if I prefer cackle of werewolf, glad I bought them both! x


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