Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taras claws

Morning! How cold is it today!?! BRRRRRR! :D

Well anyway, I tried stiletto nails! I had them on for 12 hours before I had to remove them. I couldn't put my contact lenses in, I couldn't put eye cream on, I couldn't do up buttons, I couldn't text.....the list goes on! It takes a more talented girl than me to go through day to day life with these, in the words of my fiancé 'they are extreme'.

Because I wasn't sure I'd get on with these nails, I didn't use acrylic or gel to secure them. This picture shows them applied and buffed. I also de-pointed the ends a bit incase I was arrested for having a dangerous weapon!

I did topcoat them with Rimmel 60 second polish. The shiny finish didn't make them any less scary as they approached my eye area though! 

Get clawed and Get Nailed :)

Tara x

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  1. Hehe. The nails are nice maybe for a night out;) like you said for every day they are not very practical. Kind of like 3d nail designs. I only can wear them for a day .

    1. I think if I wore them for a night out I'd get refused entry to a lot of places ;) haha. I'm fine with 3D stuff because it goes nowhere near my eye but that point was too close to them when I put my contacts for my liking! haha :)

  2. they are proper scary, though they do look nice! x

    1. I've got some scarier ones, shaped like the front of a Ferrari!!!!! x


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