Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The big haul

Hi :)

Yesterday I popped into T K Maxx (not good for my bank balance!). I spent £56 on new  polishes but got some great bargains!

I got three boxes of Nails Inc polishes. One box is a set of three reduced from £33.00 to£12.99. The other two boxes are sets of four polishes, reduced from £44.00 to £14.99.

I also got a box of 15 polishes by ELF, reduced from £22.00 to £12.99.

 These are the ELF polishes out of the box.

The deep purple on the end, between the two rows, is called party purple.

On the top row, left to right (or top to bottom as this picture shows) we have; dark red, fairy dust, golden goddess, blush, nude, smoky brown and red velvet.

On the bottom row, left to right we have; emerald, metal madness, mod mauve, dark navy, black, chocolate and plum.

Some of them are hard to see clearly in the bottles as they are lovely, dark colours. As soon as I try them out I will post more pictures of them. Having just bought some ELF makeup and being really impressed, I can't wait to try their polishes for the first time!

Now, I'll show you the gorgeous Nails Inc polishes up close and personal.

First we have Northumberland Avenue. This is a lovely khaki/pistachio green.

This lovely pinky nude, is Bridle Lane.

Fitzrovia is a lovely pale glitzy nude.

This shimmery gold/bronze shade is Boltons Place.

Next we have a light blue/duck egg called Sheraton Street.

St Marks Square is a very shimmery purple, perfect for parties!

This gorgeous Christmassy green is called Holly Walk.

Ryder Street is a metallic/shiny light blue.

 Next is one of my favourites! Westminister is a bright purple, so pretty.

This gorgeous mustardy colour (probably not the technical description!) is called Hampstead Gardens.

Lastly we have Grosvenor Crescent which is a stunning Barbie pink.

All of these colours are so pretty and Nails Inc polishes are amazing. They apply easily, last well and give a lovely strong colour.

Get down to T K Maxx and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. ooooh, these are gorgeous, can't wait for my next manicure now! :) x

  2. TKMaxx is the bees knees when it comes to bargain finds! I can't go in there without spending a fortune, although never as big a haul as you've got! Nice work haha.x

    1. It's the best isn't it! I wanted to get more, but my fiancé swiftly hustled me to the till when I started looking at another display of nail varnishes..... :D

  3. Ahh u got some great stuff! I especially like the top nails inc collection u got, pretty colours :)

    1. They're lovely aren't they! I can't wait to get more :-)


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