Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2True fruit salad


Today I've got a pretty mani to show you using two pink polishes by 2true. One is a Barbie/lipstick pink and one is a more orangey pink, I think the two colours make them look a bit like fruit salad sweets, yum! I love 2true polishes, they are affordable, come in great colours and are really good quality. The brush is flat which makes it easy to use and control, the polish is a great consistency and goes on well with no streaks. You even get a great colour with just one coat which is fab if you're in a rush!

I painted the left nails with shade 3, which is the orangey pink and the right nails with shade 1, which is the Barbie/lipstick pink. This is the colour on the nails after one coat of each polish.

After two coats, here's the finished result! Well almost, they just need a quick topcoat! A simple design but it looks great and it's a bit unusual. Now, I just need to decide if I'm going to wear all the nails painted with shade 3 on one hand and and all the nails of shade 1 on the other hand, or whether to have alternate colours, or three of one and two of the other on each hand, or......well there's quite a few options so I'll leave it there!

Get Nailed unusually!

Tara x

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