Saturday, 22 December 2012

Blazer nails

Happy Saturday! I'm braving the cold and the crowds today to go shopping with my fiancé, sister and brother in law. I hope I get back in one piece! Today I've got pictures of some nails I did using models own polishes to show you. The end result reminds me of a blazer.

For this design I used three different models own polishes true blue, nude beige and raspberry crush. I used two coats of nude beige as the base colour. When that was dry I used two coats of true blue, to stripe down one side of the nails and two coats of raspberry crush, to stripe down the other side of each nail.

The polishes work really well for this type of design because they give excellent coverage and the colours are strong and solid. The design of the bottle and brushes also mean you can control the polish more easily. The round cap makes it easy to wipe off the excess and then quickly polish the nail and the brush is soft and neat so you don't get any dots or stripes outside of where you place the brush. The brushes are also really good quality so you don't get any stray bristles falling off in your designs!

This is the design before topcoat so you can see how glossy these polishes are. I can't wait to try out this design with different colours, more stripes or some nail art over the top! I'm thinking pastels and bright flowers or black and white stripes with pink flowers over the top :D

Get striped, Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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