Monday, 31 December 2012

Celebrate with cake!

Morning! Happy New Years Eve :)

As well as today being New Years Eve, it's also my fiancés birthday, so to celebrate both occasions I've got some cake nails to show you today!

This mani was created with pink nails, cake fimo and nail glue.

I used two slices of cake fimo on each nail and applied them with nail glue. The easiest way to pick these up is with a wax pencil or very pointy tweezers.

I think they're very cute and they're perfect to wear on celebration days!

For this second mani I used pink nails, three different types of cake fimo and a  white Barielle polish called enduring.

I used the polish as 'icing' on the top of the nail, brushing it down into drips like icing along the side of a cake. I then used nail glue to stick on three different cake fimo slices to each nail. 

I think I'll have to recreate cake mani's for all the birthdays of my friends and family, I love them so much!

Eat cake, have a fab New Years Eve and Get Nailed :D

Tara x 


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