Saturday, 1 December 2012

Franken polish - Igloo

Morning :) Happy Saturday!

Recently I did a blog post about making my own polish, which you can see here. I got most of my supplies such as polish bottles, colours and glitters, and have made a few more polishes now. I'm really enjoying it and I'm loving being able to have any polish I want!

This polish is a very light blue with very fine glitter in white, silver and light blue. It also has chunky silver glitter. I apologise in advance for the dark photos but there is so much glitter in it the flash ruined the pictures. I am working on alternative ways of taking pictures though :) 

Here you can see the chunky glitter more clearly.

This picture shows the polish better, you can see the icy blue colour with a slight shimmer threaded through it.

I used two coats of this polish and it came out exactly the same as the colour in the bottle.

Because of the icy blue colour, silver glitter and the shimmer, which makes the polish look very wintry I've called this polish Igloo.

I might make some more along this wintry theme, I have a few ideas already!

Get Nailed in a unique way :D

Tara x

P.S there's still some time to enter my giveaway here!

P.P.S did you know you spell it 'Wintry' not 'Wintery'? I just learnt that!

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