Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting nailed with Leighton Denny & more nominations!

Hi :)

I always watch Leighton Denny's show on QVC's beauty channel and LOVE him! So I recently treated myself to some lovely LD polishes. 

These polishes are fab! They apply really well and give a solid and even coverage. The bottles are designed really well and the cap is comfortable to hold and easy to work with. They also come in fantastic colours, here's my favourite 'my magenta'.

This is a classic colour but with a twist. It has so much shimmer running through it, making a much loved colour even better and making sparkly nail colour wearable for every day.

I've taken this picture with the nails on top of the bottle, because one of the best things about LD polishes is that you get the exact same shade that you see in the bottle on your nails.

Get some Leighton in your life and Get Nailed :)

Tara x

P.S I have been nominated for the Liebster award again......TWICE! Firstly by Loz at Polish Patterns and also by Charlotte at So You Beauty :)

I have been nominated for this award before and you can read those posts here, here and here! Because I have already taken part, I am just going to answer the questions from Loz and Charlotte, and ask you to please read & follow their fab blogs and their nominees blogs!

Firstly are the questions from Loz

What languages can you speak? 
Just English fluently but I know a few words in other languages including Polish, Russian, Spanish, French and German

What colour hair do you have?
Light brown/mouse colour 

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs especially the cute ones with the ears that drag on the floor :) like Lady from Lady and the Tramp

Do you 'do' New Year Resolutions?
I make them but I don't keep them ;)

If so... what is your number one for 2013?
Be healthier and travel more

Favourite nail art - Stamping? Freehand? Plain coloured mani etc?
Freehand, you can be more creative with freehand nail art and aren't restricted by the designs on stamping plates or airbrush stencils

You favourite polish colour?
At the moment it's any red, that may be because of how close it is to Christmas though!

Have you ever travelled abroad?
Yes, but not to everywhere I want to visit

Summer or Winter?
Winter! I love blankets, fires and hot chocolate!

Tea or Coffee? (or Milo/Hot Chocolate!)

If you could invite ANYONE for dinner to your house who would it be and why?
Derren Brown because I want to see his magic and illusions in person

Secondly the questions from Charlotte

What inspired you to start a blog?
So many people told me I should start a blog because they liked my nails, so I did!

How often do you do your nails?
At least every other day but sometimes every day

Do you have a nail care regime?
I always shape my nails, do cuticle work and use oil and hand cream

What is your favourite polish of all time?
I just can't pick! At the moment it's probably the models own polish I used for this nail art

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand?
It changes a lot but right now it's either Nails Inc or Leighton Denny, I can't choose!

Do you like nail art or do you prefer just a solid nail colour?
Nail art! It's my favourite thing ever!

Are you into other beauty products or just nails?
I love all beauty products! I just need more shelves and drawers to fit them all in!

How many polishes do you own? fiancĂ© reads this so I'm only giving a rough & rounded down figure ;) about 400

Where have most your polishes come from?
I have recently bought a ton of Nails Inc polishes from TK MAXX 

Do you have a favourite nail art design?
There's no way I could choose just one, I love all nail art and think it's fab

What nail polish is the top of your wish list?
I really, really, really want the vintage Minnie Mouse collection by O.P.I

Thanks again Loz and Charlotte for nominating me :) x 


  1. That LD polish is beautiful! I've yet to try one!
    Ah didn't realise you'd been nominated so many times. Sorry :P x

    1. They're lovely and QVC have fab deals on his polishes! Haha, it's fine, I appreciate being nominated. It's helping me get more followers and find more blogs to follow! :-) x

  2. Can I ask you why you do fake nails instead of your own or someone's real ones, or at least in one hand? As far as I'm concerned it would help me picture the final look in my mind and how it would look on me. No mean to critique you, just asking :)

    1. I wear and sell false nails so most of my designs are done on them. However some designs are done on my mum or sisters and if you look at the same colours I've used on false nails and on their nails, there's no difference in the colour. I also read blogs where the designs are done on false nails (especially when the blogger has lots of polishes to show us and doesn't want to dry out their nails with lots of polish removals) and the colours and overall designs of their manis are not compromised and look fab :)


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