Monday, 17 December 2012

Mani more colours than a rainbow

Morning! When I went to visit my mum this weekend, I did my little sisters nails (the sister who had this crazy mani) and we chose an even crazier design for her. TWENTY different polishes!

On her left hand (from pinkie to thumb) I used; tango red and Koh Phangan by technic, shade 1 by 2true, Westminster by nails inc and South Pacific also by technic.

This is how it looked after two coats of polish, I love it!

On her right hand (from pinkie to thumb) I used; jaune trendy by Boujois, stellar and Ayia Napa by technic, an unnamed pink polish by W7 and Bora Beach also by technic.

These colours are after two coats of polish. They're so bright!

This is how the whole mani looked, when all her nails had been painted with two coats of each polish.

I took a second picture using extra flash to show the how bright the colours on her right hand are.

I then used ten different glitter polishes to paint over the top of the colours. We chose glitter colours that we thought went well with the polish, rather than glitters that matched the colour of the polish.

Over the top of the colours on her right hand (from thumb to pinkie) I used; red and gold glitter by technic, pink by W7 and multi-coloured and orange glitters also by technic.

I love a bit of sparkle and these glitters look fab over the polish!

This is how the glitters looked after two coats.

On her left hand (from pinkie to thumb) I used; blue glitter by W7, rose quartz by Barry M (which is so pretty!) and silver, pink and gold glitters by W7.

I think all of these glitters look so pretty with the polish but the rose quartz over the blue is my favourite!

This is how the glitters looked after two coats.

Here is the entire design complete! Bright colours and lots of glitter, perfect! Thanks Harley for loving crazy nails as much as me :D

Use something glittery and Get Nailed colourfully ;)

Tara x 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks :-) she wants 30 colours next time!

  2. i love the pink and the blue polish and such a great way or trying out a load of polish at once!

    1. The blue is my favourite and the pink is my sisters favourite! :-)


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