Sunday, 16 December 2012

Merry manis


I may have mentioned I'm so excited about Christmas and I've been doing lots of 'merry manis' and now have so many to show you, I'm including two in today's post.

The first mani is brilliant for parties, it's simple but very glam and sparkly. I used dark red nails and one coat of gold glitter by Gallery.

I kept the glitter to one coat so you could still see the red underneath and it had more of a glittery bauble effect rather than a solid colour.

This would also work well with green nails and/or silver glitter.

Next is a much more Christmassy mani. I used the same colour nails but made them fancier!

Starting with the thumb nail, I used a green glitter nail art pen (the brush end) to create a solid colour. I then used the Gallery gold polish above to tip the next nail, as though doing a French manicure. On the next nail I used another Gallery polish in emerald green to paint the whole nail a solid colour. The next nail was painted with Maybelline gold polish, which is a fine gold glitter, I used one coat of this to allow the red to show through. Lastly I used a red glitter polish by Technic to give a solid colour. I then replicated the design on the opposite nails.

I think these Christmassy colours work perfectly together but other colours such as silver, blues and white would look fab and festive too.

I've used a lot of glitter on this mani because it reminds me of tinsel!

Here are the polishes I used; the red glitter by Technic, emerald green and gold glitter both by Gallery, fine gold glitter by Maybelline and a green glitter nail art pen.

Get Nailed with glitter, tinsel-esque manis and lots of festive colours for Christmas!

Tara x


  1. Very nice whatever you did with your last picture keep doing that because its much clearer than the rest.

  2. Replies
    1. The only problem is deciding which ones to wear! :-D

  3. Yey! love a bit of Christmas sparkle :)

  4. Me too! If I could have actual sparkly Christmas decorations on my nails I would!


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