Sunday, 2 December 2012

The good, the bad and the Sally

Hi! I hope you're all having a fab Sunday. I'm having a lazy Sunday with a copy of Gloss magazine and some Lucky Charms :D

I love Sally Hansen polishes, so today my whole post is devoted to some amazing (and some not so amazing) Sally polishes.

This gorgeous red is called cardinal. It's part of the hard as nails range so it promises to treat your nails, while making them look great. You can read about the benefits of this polish here. The only problem with this polish is, it's very watery and hard to control. However it did give a great colour in two coats.

This shade is called rose wine. It's a lovely pearly pink and also in the hard as nails range, so it has the same benefits as the red polish. Unfortunately it also has the same watery consistency.

This shade is called warm violet, though it's more of a pink. It's part of the maximum growth range, so if you are trying to get your nails longer, this is the one for you. You can read about the benefits of this polish here. This polish has a great consistency and is much easier to use than the first two.

Another shade from the maximum growth range is inspired orchid. It's a light, pearly pink and would be so pretty with some bow embellishments. This shows the polish after two coats and it's quite a subtle colour. I think I'd use three coats next time I use this, or use it to do a cocktail.

Lastly, two polishes from the insta-dri range. This is probably my favourite range of Sally polishes. They come in great colours and really do dry quickly. They have fantastic brushes, the shape of them makes it easy to use, it leaves no streaks and the bristles don't fall out all over your mani. The formula is also great, it's thick enough to give a solid colour and be easy to control, but it's thin enough to brush over the nail easily without dragging.

The first is called Teal-y fast. It's a lovely deep, bluey green, I love it! It would look perfect with some Little Mermaid nail art or decals!

The second shade is presto pewter. A lovely, shiny grey with lots of shimmer, it's the perfect colour for stamping chain links.

I definitely recommend trying these out! Get down to Sally's and Get Nailed :D

Tara x

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