Monday, 3 December 2012

Santa claws


As I'm so excited for Christmas, I created some Christmassy nails! Well actually I did them in August, but it's now acceptable to show them to people!

Here's my Santa Claws :D

I used light pink nails and acrylic paint for this mani. First I painted along the edge of the nail in bright red, as though doing a French manicure. I let this dry for a long time because I didn't want red streaked into anything else. 

I used white paint and blobbed it on thickly along the bottom of the hat to create the fur. I also blobbed it down the side of the nails and along the other edge, to create Santa's beard and moustache. 

I then used a dotting tool to dot on Santa's eyes and draw on a bright red mouth.

I also did some snowman nails. I used acrylic paint and a dotting tool.

I dotted on black eyes and a coal mouth, with the large end of the dotting tool. When they had all dried, I used orange paint and the thin end of the dotting tool to draw on a skinny triangle for his nose (What did one snowman  say to the other snowman? Can you smell carrots? :D hahahahaha!).

Don't forget Santa knows if you've been bad or good and he knows if you don't Get Nailed ;)

Tara x 

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  1. hahaha cute joke! love them :) I found your blog link on a share your blog page somewhere else and wanted to stop by for a looksie!

    1. :D thanks for checking my blog out! You may be the only other person who likes that joke haha!


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