Sunday, 23 December 2012

Those nails have got some neck!

Morning! I'm having a lazy Sunday today, just setting up my new phone, watching Christmas films and keeping warm! 

I did these giraffe nails the other day using two polishes, Hampstead Gardens by nails inc and smoky brown by e.l.f - I think they're quite giraffey colours! I also used some giraffe buttons from Hobbycraft, some nail glue and tweezers. I painted the nails with two coats of the polishes in alternate colours.

While the polish dried, I cut the back off of the buttons (and didn't cut myself this time!). I used nail glue and tweezers to stick the giraffes to the nails.

Here's the finished design! I think they're really cute and I can't wait to make some more like this using different colours and animals!

Go wild, Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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