Sunday, 20 January 2013

InternatioNAIL talons - polish & something new!

Morning! I hope you're enjoying your weekend :)

Today I have something a bit different for you. I am showing you a gorgeous Barielle polish and then I have a blog roundup for you! I recently joined a group on Facebook for British nail bloggers to share ideas, tips and blogs etc. Each week the group choose their favourite post from their blog that week and all the other members include it in a roundup on their blog. This is the first time I'm doing this, so I hope you enjoy it! Their blogs are all amazing so please check them out :) So I have polish from America and blogs from Britain today - hence my witty title ;) 

This polish from Barielle is called 'Jordana's skinny jeans' and is part of their 'runway fever' collection. It's a gorgeous frosted, dark blue (technically it's sapphire). I love Barielle polishes and they always seem to be on fab offers at TK Maxx, so I end up with lots of them! The formula of the polish is great, you get an even, solid colour in one coat and the second coat gives it extra depth and gloss. They have a great range as well from classic colours to on-trend shades, so it's definitely worth getting your talons on these polishes!

And secondly - here is the round up of these bloggers favourite posts this week!

British Nail Bloggers

This week Lyndsay at Pie's Eyes has created a beautiful Feather Manicure using her stamping plates.

31 day challenge still going strong over at Emma's Little Corner with this watercolour mani and this stamping over a gradient.

Wendy at Wendy's Delights found a gem of a very old untried Saffron polish which is super sparklicious!!.

Sam at Polished Art was inspired by all the Christmas chocolate she's still munching away on to create this Ferrero Rocher manicure!

This week The Teenage Shopaholic has been... trying out furry nails! She swatched and reviewed MUA Fur Effects and was pleasantly surprised!

Susan at Lacquerland has been trying the 3 day oil & naked nail challenge here and was very happy with the results!

JustTalkNails has swatches of A Englands Dragon one of the best scattered holo greens!

This week Nada tried her hands at some flocking she couldn't resist her furry nails! check it out!

Mimi tries her hand at tribal eye nails and LOVES them!

Simple Star Stamping this week for the ABC Challenge on Enigmatic Rambles

Tara at TarasTalons took her basic flock mani up a notch! Chick it out here :D Why wait until Easter!

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has been doing some nail art with incorporating her latest Lush Lacquer haul. This one's a blue fishtail manicure with Dreamsicle.... sparkles!

Ruth hasn't had the chance to post since New Year's, but why not look at her New Year nails until she has the time to some more fun posts!
Steph at Never Mind Suzi is getting to grips with stamping after all, practice makes perfect.
Vic is finally back (and already has posts scheduled to the end of February, just in case she runs out). One of her faves from this week is Song of the Black Swan.

PrettyKittyClaws is trying out the new Enchanted Polish Care Bear collection with Daydream Surprise. So sparkly and pretty!

Pish Posh and Polish's Kerrie has been working on her 31 day challenge this week, but a simple swatch of ORLY's It's Not Rocket Science is her favourite post of the week and may be her top green polish of all time!

Enjoy InternatioNAIL talons and Get Nailed :D

Tara x


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