Friday, 11 January 2013

Junk food & talons = heaven!

Morning :) As it's the weekend, I thought my junk food design would be an appropriate mani for today! I did this one using red nails, food designed for dolls houses and nail glue.

On the top nails, from the pinkie to the thumb I applied; a chocolate doughnut, a pancake with cream and fruit, a hotdog, a bar of chocolate and a packet of Reese's Pieces. On the bottom nails, from pinkie to thumb, I applied; a chocolate chip cookie, a cupcake, an ice-cream, a slice of pizza and a bottle of soda.

I backed the food and drink onto red nails because it's a bright colour but it would work great with other colours or each nail a different colour based on a popular brand for each item. For example, the soda could stay on a red nail as the Coca-Cola brand is red, the doughnut could go on a green background to be associated with Krispy Kreme etc.

This is the finished design, there's no topcoat on these because I didn't want to make the food shiny, so I used extra strong glue to make sure nothing falls off!

It's the weekend, so eat junk and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x 


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