Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Leopard claws

Morning :)

I hope you all had a great New Year! I had SUCH a lazy day with my fiancé yesterday, it mainly consisted of Krispy Kremes and a Dexter box set. :D I better get back to some work today though!

Today's design is gold leopard print. I did this mani using a 3D foil rub on, which are usually used in card making and scrapbooking (I snaffled this one from my sister ;) Thanks Sarah!). This foil rub on was really easy to use, it came in long strips of leopard print so I cut squares slightly bigger than the nail and then applied it. All you do is peel off the paper backing, apply the foil side across the nail and rub with a wooden stick. When the transfer had....erm.....transferred, I just peeled off the backing and had fab leopard print nails!

This is the design as soon as I finished, so no topcoat has been applied yet. I think with this design two topcoats will be best though, to secure the foil and make sure the edges don't get pulled up or the foil scratched.

Be a wild cat and Get Nailed :D

Tara x


  1. this is so awesome! i love it! and mmmmm krispy kreme!

    1. I'm so glad it worked cos they do these in so many designs! I love Krispy Kreme, definitely need to kick the habit :D


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