Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Misappropriated craft supplies

Morning :) I hope you're all having a great week so far. I was so busy yesterday trying out my 87 new polishes and I'm sure I can actually taste polish now, I breathed in so many fumes :( The good news is, I've got loads of new stuff to blog about :D I also ordered some more new polishes from nails inc yesterday, so as soon as I get them, I'll start working on more new designs! The bad news is my January 'no-buy' is completely out of the window, by the end of day 15 I'd bought 100 new nail polishes.

Today I've got a weird mani to show you. While I was helping my sister organise her craft room, (for 'helping my sister organise' read 'looking for things to nab' ;)) she very kindly gave me two pots of embossing powder. Embossing powder is used for lots of crafts, such as scrapbooking or card making but as I don't do those things, I decided to do what I do with everything else and try it out on my talons!

This embossing powder is called 'magenta' and it's a lovely pink. I used light pink nails so that any gaps  blended in a bit. I painted one nail at a time with clear polish, held the nail over the pot and with tweezers scooped and dropped embossing powder over the nail. When the nail was covered, I patted the powder on and tapped off the excess. Then I repeated on each nail.

I love the texture of this, it's like very, very fine sand, it's easy to use (a bit like a flock/velvet or caviar/microbead manicures). It also comes in loads of colours so there's lots of scope for different designs with this powder.

This shows the texture a bit more clearly. Please excuse the imperfections, this was an experimental first try! I'll show you some more designs using embossing powder soon and hopefully they will be better!

Misappropriate something and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. This is such a cool and unique idea I love it :)
    I would love to try it out where abouts can you purchase this "embossing powder"

    Also I would really appreciate it if you could follow my blog :)
    Thanks :)

    1. Thanks Alissa! You can get it in most craft suppliers, I know Hobbycraft sell it if you have one of those near you (I think you can also buy from them online) I've also seen it on eBay.

      I'll check out your blog, thanks :)

  2. omg did you actually buy 100 polishes?!?!

    this effect is really freaking awesome, you're gonna start a new trend :)

    1. Erm....yes :-/ During my no-buy month!

      Thank you :) I hope it catches on, there's so many ways this powder can be used!


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