Wednesday, 6 February 2013

All the boys wink at girls in pink ;)

Morning :) I spent much of yesterday deciding to sort through all my make-up, going upstairs to my dressing room, looking at all the make-up and going back downstairs again! Do you think you can hire people who can do it for you? Haha ;)

Yesterday I showed you a Valentine's Day mani, which was very low-key, no pink and not overloaded with hearts etc. So, today I've decided to show you a design which is the complete opposite! To do this design, I used a neon pink Cynthia Rowley polish (unnamed) and five different heart shaped embellishments, from various decoration wheels. I also used lots of nail glue and a wax pencil to glue everything on. I'm still debating weather to use topcoat though, because although it will secure everything, this polish dries matte and I really like it…..actually, you could say I love it ;)

I used: pink diamantes, solid and cut out, light pink hearts, purple hearts, darker pink solid and cut out hearts and some solid pink, reflective hearts to do this design. I stuck them all on randomly rather than in a neat pattern because love isn't meant to be neat!

Get loved-up and Get Nailed :D

Tara x


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