Saturday, 9 February 2013

Clash with matte and shine

Hi! I spent most of yesterday shopping (went out to buy a pen, spent a fortune and did NOT get my pen!), so to get over the disappointment (in my defence it was a fluffy, sparkly Disney pen I missed out on, I don't get disappointed over biros :D) I'm going to watch Nashville before I get started on some work :)

Today, I have a clashing mani to show you. I used matte polish and very shiny sequins for this design! The polish I used was called 'concrete grey' by Avon. I used two coats and obviously no topcoat, because the polish is matte! This polish is really nice, I love the colour and it's really easy to apply. The cap is very square though and not that comfortable to work with, but that's just personal preference!

Once the polish was dry, I used nail glue and tweezers to apply some purple sequins in different patterns. I replicated each design on the opposite nail so from thumbs to pinkies; I covered the entire nail, replicated a French mani, put the sequins down the middle of the nail, stuck them across the nail and finally glued sequins along the bottom edge of the nail. I like this design because you can see the polish through the holes in the middle of the sequins, so it's kinda weird and different than when you use sequins designed specifically for nail art.

Create a clash and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

P.S Lizzie Clayton from Hey There Stylish interviewed me about my upcoming nail polish collection this week! You can read the interview here :)


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