Thursday, 21 February 2013

Floral fingers

Morning! Well I'm off home to London to see my sister today, yay! I'll still be blogging though and shopping for new polishes to show you when I get back :) 

Today I've got an easy flower design to show you, I did this with nail art pens just to practise/warm up while I was thinking of other designs/ways to do designs I had planned out. For this design I used green nails, a darker green nail art pen and a pink nail art pen. First I drew some 'U' shapes 'V' shapes and 'tick' shapes all over the nails. When they were dry, I used the pink nail art pen to dot in the middle of each one. I then used a Sally Hansen topcoat to make sure the design didn't chip, simple!

You could also use a darker pink pen to draw lines around the flower to make it look like a rose but I wanted to keep this really simple so I haven't on this design. I will do it again with other colours though, or multiple colours on one nail, so I might try making some of them into roses then!

Wear something pretty and Get Nailed :D

Tara x

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