Monday, 11 February 2013

Flowers, hearts & teddies

Morning :) I'm so excited, because yesterday I got lots of the supplies I need for my nail polish collection! I hope you had a fab weekend!

Today I've got a cute mani to show you. I designed this for Valentine's Day but I'd wear it any time! For this I used a pink nails inc polish called Campden Hill Road, it's a gorgeous colour and perfect for this type of design. I also used teddy bear buttons, pink pearly hearts, flowers, red diamante hearts and pink confetti hearts. 

I painted the nails with two coats of the polish and, when it was dry, I used nail glue, tweezers and a wax pencil to apply the decorations.

From thumbs to pinkies I put: teddy bears, some cute baby pink hearts surrounded by little pearls, flowers, diamante hearts and finally the confetti hearts. It would look cute mixed up as well, so there was different stuff on opposite nails!

Put some romance on your talons and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. oh wow, how cute, I'm upset I have gels on at the moment cause I so want to do this to my nails :) xx

  2. Thanks Sarah! I bet your nails look fab with gels though! :) xx


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