Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Green tea is good for you

Hi! I spent most of yesterday sorting out my website and painting nails, I did manage to fit in a few episode of Criminal Minds as well though (I definitely need to do some CM nail art!). 

Today's polish is so pretty, perfect for Spring and a fantastic background to some daisy nail art, which I'm going to do soon! This polish is a Sally Hansen called 'green tea' and you will never guess where I found it……the £1 shop!! What an amazing bargain! Sally polishes are great and I love the bottles so as soon as I saw them in the POUND SHOP I had to stock up! 

This shade is a very pale green/mint green. It only took two coats to get this effect and it dried quickly took which is always fab. I think this is great to brighten up the grey days as we move into Spring and would work so well as a background for any floral nail art, or cute Spring scenes (trees/flowers/grass/deer's/rabbits etc). It's would also look pretty with gold or silver glitter over the top. It would also look cute with grey tips (like a colourful French mani) to keep a part of Winter in your Spring mani! I think this polish will be my next pedi colour :)

Have something that's good for you and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. I love a pound shop for nail polishes, I got all these from the pounds shop, Sally Hansen has some amazing nail polishes on the market. I got 6 of these from poundland. Lovely colour also. I haven't found this in there yet.

    1. They're great aren't they! Sally Hansen polishes are great so when they're in the poundshop it's silly not to stock up!

      The one I went in had mainly this colour, I'm hoping to find more colours soon!


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