Friday, 1 February 2013

My sweet polish

Morning :) Happy February! I'm so happy that February started on a Friday this year, so I can celebrate/welcome it properly ;) 

Today, I'm going to show you a polish I made myself. This is a white polish with loads of different colours and sizes of glitter.

I've called this polish 'Gobstopper' because it reminds me of these gobstoppers. Me and my big sister used to love these when we were little (even though they make your tongue bleed!), so it's nice to be able to wear that reminder on my nails!

I used three coats of the polish to get this effect. I love all the different colours in it! My little sister loves this one too, it was her favourite of all the polishes I made the other day :)

Eat a gobstopper and Get Nailed ;)


P.S If you like my polish or would like to help me with the launch my collection, you can find out more here :)


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