Sunday, 17 February 2013

Panda paws

Hi :) I got all my packaging delivered to me yesterday (not long left until my launch!), so my weekend got off to a great start, did yours?

Today I've got some cute panda nails to show you. I did this using a black polish by elf and white lightning by Gallery. I also used some panda buttons my sister gave me and some strong nail glue! These polishes are both really good. The white polish by Gallery is one of the best white polishes I've used. It's good value for money and gives an even/streak free coverage in two coats and everything I've ever used by elf is amazing quality at an excellent price, I definitely recommend trying their polishes!

I painted the left nails with two coats of white lightning polish and the right nails with two coats of black polish.

When all the polish was dry, I glued panda buttons on to the thumb and middle finger nails.

And here it is finished! I love pandas so this mani is one of my favourites. I might recreate this mani but paint some bamboo onto the nails I've left plain on this one!

Panda to your talons needs and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. this is so cute! i love how you made one set black and the other white!

    1. Thank you! I love pandas :) I was going to do black and white alternates but I thought having each hand a different colour would be better!

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    1. Hi Sana, thank you s much for following! I am following your blog via GFC and look forward to catching up with all your past posts! x

  3. Oh wow they are cute. Not heard of gallery nail polishes, make have a look for some, I am always needing a good white nail polish.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I hadn't heard of them until my fiancees cousin gave me one of their polishes and I loved it! There's a few posts about the polishes in my archives, I definitely recommend them! I was especially impressed with the white because you only need two coats and it isn't streaky or sheer at all! :)

  4. I love pandas! These are too cute!!! xxxx

    Lauren xx


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