Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perfect pink

Good Morning :) I spent yesterday working on lots of swatches and designs to show you and talking to my sister on the phone, I better get on with more work for my collection today!

As it's nearly Valentine's Day and pink is my favourite colour, I thought I'd show you a few different pink polishes today :)

The first polish is 'hint of pink' by Calvin Klein. This is a lovely polish, it's a light, rose kind of pink. It does apply well, however the colour isn't very strong after the first coat and I was scared it wasn't going to be very nice but as soon as I applied the second coat I fell in love!

The second pink is 'shade 1' by 2true. This is a gorgeous Barbie type of pink. It has a 'new flat brush' and goes on really well, I applied two coats but it looks fab after just one if you're in a hurry. I really like the 2true polishes because of the great colours and easy to apply formula. They're such good value as well, only £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99 in Superdrug!

Next is 'prin pink' by George (at ASDA). This is a nice dark pink polish, perfect for Valentine's/heart themed designs. These polishes aren't expensive (this one is £1) but they are good, you definitely need two coats though, because the first coat is very light and a bit streaky.

This polish 'no excuses' is also by George (at ASDA). This is a baby pink, which is lovely by itself but will make a perfect background for nail art, or glitter.

Also by George (at ASDA) is 'groove'. This is a stunning lipstick pink, perfect for Valentine's Day and perfect for some diamante nail art!

This polish is 'sherbet fizz' again by George (at ASDA). This is a mid-pink which makes me think of pick'n'mix (maybe because of those foamy shrimp things) or candy floss. It would look great either as a background to some floral nail art or as the floral nail art over a blue or white background.

Lastly is 'Elizabeth Street' by Nails Inc. This is one of the polishes Glamour magazine had as a free gift  in their December issue. I love Nails Inc polishes because you get a fantastic colour in one coat and an outstanding colour in two. However I think this shade would need three coats, I have pictured it at two and it looks slightly streaky/uneven. It's very pretty though and I would love to wear it with some gold or silver glitter tips, like a glitzy version of a French manicure!

Go pink and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

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