Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sharpie love

Hi! Yesterday was my little sisters birthday, so I went to visit her and ate cake :D I hope your week got off to a good start!

Today I've got some pictures of a Sharpie experiment to show you. For ages I've wanted to use felt tip/marker pens to draw on my nails and the only ones I've ever been able to find that work are Sharpie pens. After holding out for a special or limited edition set, I finally got the limited edition set (which includes '80's colours') from HobbyCraft for under £30! 

This was my first ever try of these pens, so the design isn't anything fancy. I just needed to try out drawing and writing to make sure it could be done and it wouldn't smudge or bleed! I drew hearts and 'XOXO' as well as writing 'love' and 'I 'heart' U', using pink and purple shades.

The pens worked really well, they don't bleed or smudge and the colours are fab (the light pink hasn't shown up that well in the photos, but it is really pretty in real life). As there are so many colours, you can draw anything you can imagine on your nails and, as the pens have very fine tips, you can include lots of details too. I can't wait to draw loads more designs!

Sharpie your talons and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

P.S It may seem like my spacing is weird (text too close to the bottom of pictures) if you're reading my blog in mobile view. I promise I am still spacing everything properly but I've added Pinterest 'pin it' buttons to all pictures, which don't show up on the mobile version!


  1. oh i love this! this is so cute and the sharpie technique is great! i need to try it

  2. Cute! Have you tried it with top coat? I've pondered the same 'experiment' but feared tc would just wipe it off...time to play so more & find out! LOL

    1. Thanks :) I've tried three different topcoats and so far so good, so hopefully they all work! :)

    2. Me thinks I'll be doodling on my nails tonight! lol Thanks! <3

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