Friday, 8 February 2013

'Tipp-ex' mani

Happy Friday! Have you got exciting plans for the weekend? I haven't, just relaxing, trying out some new polishes and working! 

Today I have a design I did for Valentine's Day, which is based on falling in love or having a crush when you're at school. One of the things some girls in school did (though not me obviously!) was to use Tipp-ex to write things like 'I luv Sam 4eva' or 'Lucy + David' etc, all over their school books. So, I thought I would do it on my nails. Obviously I couldn't use Tipp-ex because it would scratch right off my nails (I didn't learn that from doing French manicures with Tipp-ex during class…..honest!). Because I couldn't use Tipp-ex, I had to use a white nail art pen. However I had to make it more like Tipp-ex that you find at the bottom of an old pencil case (thick and hard to use), so it had the same kind of effect. To get that, I left the nail art pen open over night to let the air get to it. The next day it was perfect, it was thick, it dragged polish off as I used it and it was hard to control! 

First I painted the nails red (the same colour as my old English books), using two coats of Leighton Denny's 'Rampant Rose'. I love Leighton's polishes, the formula is fantastic, you get a rich colour also the caps are easy to hold and work with and the brushes are good quality, so you don't get any stray bits falling off or painting the side of your finger! When the polish was dry, I used the nail art pen to write on different things. To do this, I squeezed the pen quite hard to make it thick and messy, so it looked like 'Tipp-ex graffiti'. I chose things like 'Me + U' and 'Love' to write on the nails, but you could write on the name of your Valentine or anything else you can think of really! 

Try a 'Tipp-ex' mani and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


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