Monday, 25 March 2013

Cracking up

Morning :) I made Easter cakes yesterday so guess what I'm doing today?.....Eating Easter cakes! :D

Today I have a great crackle polish to show you by George (at ASDA). It's imaginatively called red crackle! This polish was a present from my little sister for my birthday and it was a great present because it's the best crackle I've tried! I applied it over an electric blue nail polish by Crystal something (the last part of the name has worn off) called blue lightning.

I used two coats of the blue polish and then two coats of the red crackle polish when the blue was completely dry. As crackle polish dries quite matte, I used a Sally Hansen topcoat to make it glossy. I can't wait to add some more of these crackles to my collection! 

Crack up and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha, I didn't think if that before! It does look spiderman-ish! I'll have to redo it and put black spiders over the top!


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