Monday, 4 March 2013

Don't be blue….

Hi :) How was your weekend? I spent Saturday working but Sunday mostly relaxing so that was nice!

Today I have a great polish by Sally Hansen (another Poundshop find!). This one is called 'thinking of blue' and is (obviously) blue! It looks like a denim blue in the bottle but it comes out darker once you've applied two coats (the first coat is lighter - more like the colour you see in the bottle but streaky, so you couldn't leave it as that colour!). Even though it's not an exact match to the colour you see in the bottle, it's still gorgeous and obviously it's fantastic quality as most of Sally Hansen products are. This range has a lovely bottle (I know I'm shallow but a nice bottle really does attract me to a polish!) and the brush is flat, so it's quicker to paint on. However, I think this could be problem to those of you who are painting your natural nails rather than false nails as it's quite wide! I know if I was painting my natural nails this brush would make it awkward and probably a bit messy, as I have quite small hands and therefore small nails!

This is the polish after two coats but before topcoat, it's quite shiny! I think you can see the reflection of my iPhone on the nails as I'm taking the picture ;) This is also a great colour for the Winter/Spring crossover period because it's quite dark but you can put loads of flowers over it to make it brighter and have both seasons on one mani!

Don't be blue, Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. I never find any of these in the poundshop anymore, we will have to exchange soon lol. What i find you don't have and what you find I don't have we can swap. :D I am always looking for them :(

    Its a really beautiful colour. I love these nail polishes but yeah the brush is too big for small nails so forever cleaning the cuticles up.

    1. Definitely! That's the only thing about the poundshop, not all the branches have the same stock so sometimes I get jealous of other people's finds!

      This colour is lovely! It looks great with glitter over it as well! I thought people could have problems with the brush! The flat aspect is good but they need to reduce the width!

  2. this is the perfect shade of blue!

    1. Beautiful isn't it! I've already used it in about six designs!


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