Sunday, 3 March 2013

Don't have bare talons…...

Morning! I hope you're having a good weekend :) Mine is going well, I'm really busy working on my nail polish collection and trying to get nail polish off of my bathroom sink from washing out my beakers in it!! :D 

A few days ago I showed you this polish and I mentioned that I had done some nail art using it as a background. Well, here it is…….bears!!!

First I used two coats of the Barielle polish (vintage rusted boots) as the bear's fur. This is a great shade for bear nail art!

When the polish was dry, I used a black nail art pen to dot on the eyes (dragging the polish out a bit to make them bigger) and draw an oval-ish shape for the noses. I dragged the polish from the nose down into two curved lines to make the mouth (some more successfully than others!).

I then used a Sally Hansen topcoat to seal the design and here they are finished!

Don't have bare talons, have BEAR talons and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. BEST idea EVER! I can wear the bears on alternate nails and these on the others!!!!! :D

  2. so cute! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

    1. Thank you! I've followed you on Bloglovin :)


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