Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Glittery sunset

Hi! I'm spending most of my day taking photographs and starting to put in my Etsy listings ready to go live in just under three weeks! I hope you're having a good week :)

Today I have a glittery 'sunset' design to show you. I did this design using orange nails and W7 gold glitter and technic 'Christmas cracker' nail polishes.

I wanted the bottom half of the nail to be red glitter but I painted slightly above halfway up the nail, to make sure the two colours of glitter blended properly. I only used one coat of red polish so that the orange still showed through. When the red glitter was dry, I used the gold glitter polish to paint over the top of the nail, dragging it down to meet and blend in with the red polish. I also dabbed some gold glitter down over the red polish. The top of the nail has two coats of gold glitter but only one coat on the parts it goes onto the red glitter.

Watch the sunset and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


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