Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pretty in pink

Hi! Yesterday was my 2 year engagement anniversary, so I spent most of the day making my fiance a collage card and brownies! Are you having a good weekend?

Today I have a lovely polish by nails inc to show you. This pretty, nude pink is called Bloomsbury Way

This polish was part of an auto-delivery deal I got from QVC a few months ago, when nails inc was their TSV (today's special value. I got it at a fab price because of that, but it's normally only £11 so I'll definitely be replacing it when I run out!

This colour is great if you like neutrals and nudes or as a base for French manicure. It'd also be fab with gold glitter tips rather than white tips. I'm going to do that soon and fade the gold glitter down slightly beyond the tip, I'll do a post about it when I've done them! 

This is the polish after two coats and before topcoat. Isn't it pretty!

 Wear pink and Get Nailed :)

Tara x


  1. Replies
    1. :) It's lovely isn't it! I think I'll run out of it quickly!

  2. I am loving this color...very pretty. Congrats on the anniversary! :)

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