Thursday, 28 March 2013

Printed talons

Morning! I spent much of yesterday being happy that the Graze box that was delivered had brownies in it and in between that I did a lot of work on my website :D I hope your day was as good as mine was after I ate the brownies!

Today I have some printed nails to show you. I did this design using white nails and some 'rub-ons' which are really for use in scrapbooking and card making etc. I snaffled these off my sister when I visited her but I've seen them in lots of craft shops so they're easy to get hold of and come in loads of different colours and designs. The pack my sister gave me was 'positive quotes'.

First I cut out the quotes I wanted to use and then trimmed them so they were slightly bigger than the nails. I then peeled off the protective paper and put the rub-on face down onto the nail. When it was on firmly, I used the 'ice-lolly stick' that was included, to rub firmly over the back of the rub-on for a few seconds. I peeled the backing paper off really slowly, making sure that the design stayed on the nail and wasn't peeled up with the backing.

I did the print on every nail because it was the first time I had used these and I wanted to practise but I have lots of designs planned using these using the rub-on on only a few or even just one nail on each hand.

When the designs were on every nail and the backing had been removed, there were bits of 'overhang' so I trimmed and filed them off and top coated the design. I can't wait to get down to the craft shop and find some more of these in different designs!

Get Nailed and put it in print ;)

Tara x


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