Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rosey dreams and nail design themes

Morning :) I think I overdosed a bit on mini eggs yesterday! It's not even Easter yet :-/ 

As it's Mother's Day today and flowers are a traditional gift, I've done a rose design to show you!

To do this design I used some light pink nails and red 3D rose embellishments. I used nail glue to apply two roses to each thumb and one rose to each of the middle and pinkie nails.

This is the finished design! Flowers that last…..

Have flowery fingers and Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. Wow wow wow! These look AMAZING. Did you actually wear them though? I always worry embellishments like this would make things difficult...

    Emily Jane xo

    1. Thank you! Yes I have worn them :) if you through my archive there's some spikey nail art and some picnic nail art which are much more embellished than these! I think the first time it's awkward but then it gets easier :) xo


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